Harmonize your smile at any age with crowns, bridges and prostheses over implants.

The dentistry sector has greatly evolved in recent years.
There are now many options available to replace one or several missing or damaged teeth. Dental implants facilitate the mastication and digestion of food, while giving you the appearance of a natural smile.

Graduate from the Canadian Implant Institute, Dr. Marie-Ève Costisella will recommend and offer a treatment adapted to your needs.

Crown Over an Implant

The crown over an implant is a crown that is screwed on the implant inserted in your jaw. This option is fixed and permanent. Aesthetically, it will give a natural appearance to the tooth.

A crown over an implant will ease chewing and keep neighbouring teeth from moving. With bone stimulation, crowns over an implant preserve the jawbone.
They can replace one or several missing teeth.

Bridge Over an Implant

A bridge over an implant allows the replacement of one or several missing teeth by attaching to two or several implants. This is a fixed treatment.

Contrary to a bridge installed over natural teeth, the neighbouring teeth are not solicited or weakened with a bridge over implants. Furthermore, implants stimulate the jawbone, which promotes bone structure preservation. The sensation in the mouth compares to that of natural teeth.

Whether it rests over natural teeth or implants, a bridge embellishes your smile while facilitating chewing and digestion.

Prosthesis Over Implants:

A prosthesis over implants can be fixed or removable. The fixed dental prosthesis will be screwed over several implants. It’s an ideal solution for patients who have lost teeth and are looking for a fixed and durable solution and whose jawbone is healthy and sufficient.
It offers an excellent level of stability and comfort, and it is very aesthetic.

Furthermore, the masticatory and enunciation functions are like those of an individual with natural teeth.

A dental prosthesis sits over implants and can be removed and cleaned easily. The implants enable the patient to have a more stable and retentive prosthesis.

In sum, this alternative has satisfied several of our patients.
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